Diet Dilemmas when Traveling

Yogurt from, probiotics anyone?
Traveling post breast cancer has never been harder. In prepping for my trip to NYC, I spend more time measuring out my herbs, teas, powders than I do figuring out my clothes. I encounter new problems like how do I keep up with my no carb diet, bone broth, shiitake, nettles and oat-straw tea, vitamin D, chlorella, relishing, turmeric, skull-cap, marshmallow root, licorice bark, etc.


It’s not like they have these items at the airport and even though I am going to NYC I don’t want to waste time running around trying to find these items. So, I end up with a large plastic bag of goodies: a smorgasbord of unidentifiable items that might include cannabis as the security screener takes extra long eyeing my suitcase through the scanner.

Oculus near 9/11 Memorial
And what of my current fave–gluten free banana bread with no sugar other than the sweetness of the fruit. Other ingredients include chick pea flour, almond meal, and pasture raised eggs–apparently the creme de la creme of eggs these days unless you have your own chickens. Ever the over achiever, I end up baking 2 small mini-loafs that fit in my suitcase along with half a loaf of my paleo bread.

9/11 Memorial
Additionally, I order powdered bone broth at two bucks a pop in their very own individual wrappers; worth it when one can pay up to four dollars or more at a brick and mortar store. In the midst of this week long preparation for my 5 day trip, I wonder why I don’t just stay home in the first place especially since I found out from my nutritionist recently that we get radiation from flying!

View from the New Whitney
When it comes to radiation, I’ve asked for a female pat down for over 2 years now.  And on this trip, I just have to be sure they don’t care too much about all the plastic bags of dried leaves, roots, and pellets. As I patiently wait for my security sweep, I theorize  that there could be some health benefits of stimulating blood flow via these purple latex gloves roaming my body.

Ahhhh play Misty for me:-)
Thing is, no matter how much I prepare, it won’t be perfect nor close to what I have at home. So, I do my best and be okay with that. Oh, and going all this way to see Misty Copeland’s debut in Giselle at the American Ballet Theater–priceless!

Sunset from Highline overlooking Hudson River

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  1. justina says:

    Its only for 5 days, your body won’t miss a few of your items in that short a period of time. Sometimes I run out of some supplement or herb and it can take a few days to get it restocked and back in my pantry. I have to bring food all the way across the country because where I am going there is nothing healthy! Looks like you had a good time!

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    1. Yes, great to get out of town, get lost a bit, and get stimulated by the change of scenery!


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