Diet (r)Evolution

healthy-foodFor the last year, I have been taking my diet to the next level. I have had bouts of radiation recall since my treatment in early 2015, and it was something I wanted to address. So, in spring of last year, I took a detox class. I had been eating pretty well, no processed foods, coffee, alcohol and cut down my meat intake down to 1x/day and limited my dairy and grain intake.  I used honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup for sweeteners and was juicing regularly.

Much of what I learned in the detox class wasn’t a revelation, but the structure of it made me feel like I could do even more. I decided to really limit my intake of sugars to just that from fruits and vegetables.

It wasn’t easy.463003247

Looking back, it’s been an amazing journey from when I first started to change my diet. What stands out are the things I gave away. I can still remember the day back in 2013 when I gave away my stash of 4 cans of Pringles potato chips–I had just seen Forks Over Knives. And more recently an almost full container of grade B maple syrup. I’ve come a long way from Forks Over Knives which was to me was revolutionary to today as my diet continues to be an evolution.

My diet these days of things like bone broth, miso, veggies, seaweed, veggies, paleo bread, avocados, salmon, veggies, sardines, lamb, coconut yogurt, veggies, green tea, chia seeds, veggies, sesame seeds, nuts and did I mention veggies?



To strengthen my immune system, prevent osteoporosis (which runs in my family), and detox that radiation out of my system, I hired a nutritionist/herbalist early this year. I am learning about adaptogenic herbs and nervines like marshmallow root, oat straw, nettles, astragalus, and skull cap. How and when to eat are just as important as what.

As a reward and proof of how these changes can and do work, my urine ph is at 7.5 up from 6.5 last year.


Again, it’s wasn’t easy.  I hope to share some of my ups and downs on this journey in upcoming posts. I guess I finally got my answer to my last post of Now What 2.0.

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