Is There A Higher Power?

I’m sure anyone who’s been diagnosed with cancer faces the possibility of death and also might even wonder about things like God or a higher power.

Prayer_roger_gordon-300x225Here’s a story that might make you start to wonder;-) Talk about the Universe or someone looking out for me–I went into the City for a spa morning on President’s day and parked at a meter thinking it was free bc it’s a Holiday! When I came out, a meter maid was just about to give me a ticket. I said to her, “This is my car. It’s a holiday isn’t it?” She puts away the ticketing gadget (to my relief) and proceeds to explain to me that SF only turns off the meters on Christmas & New Year’s Day! And if I saw the light flashing, it means you have to pay:( I thanked her and she drove off–whew!


Interestingly, as I was getting dressed, I thought about my car getting a ticket but, I brushed it off saying to myself, “but it’s okay it’s a holiday!” Because of this and many other incidents like this (including the time 2 weeks after I had been diagnosed, I heard this voice telling me everything was going to be okay)–I now believe in ancestral spirits looking out for me! Every time I go back to my parents house my mom makes me pray to my ancestors to watch out for me. I didn’t think much of it before but, these days I’m open to that as a reason for my good fortune as well! So, thank you whoever you are for looking out for me!!!

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