A Little Story About Letting Go…

A little story about letting go, accepting what is, and moving on: On Friday I couldn’t find my prescription glasses. I was baffled and miffed because this was my favorite pair which I keep in my car for driving! I looked underneath the seats and sadly no glasses:( I looked all over my house too even though I never take this pair out of my car. I even had a dream that I found my glasses that night.
Saturday morning came and I thought: well, I need to let this go and came up with rationalizations like: my prescription will change eventually, I have a HSA fund now for expenses like this, and a new pair of cool frames would be fun to shop for, etc. I was sad about losing my fav frames but I wanted to move on.
By afternoon I felt at peace with it. As I was starting my engine to head home after dance class, I intuitively looked down between the door and the seat. To do this, I need to crane my neck not just down but look back which is not an angle I would normally put my neck in. To my joy, an inch of the ear piece of my glasses was visible–my glasses!
I was quite happy that it turned up after all. Funny isn’t it when we finally let go that that is when things become right again? Surrender isn’t about giving up, it’s about accepting what is and letting the Universe take care of us and guide us because the alternative–resistance, can be a lot of wasted energy.

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