My First Modeling Gig and I Am Asked to Pose Topless!

back acupuncture So it’s not quite what you thought–heh heh;-) My acupuncturist (the one who feeds me gluten free muffins) asked a while ago if I would be her model for her website! Of course I said yes. I was quite flattered actually:-) Right after my lumpectomy, my left breast was quite swollen from the surgery. I was concerned about how my breast and the scar would look after it healed. Although the scar isn’t very big (about 1”), it is visible if I wear a bikini or if I wear a strapless dress as the scar is almost into my armpit. I was lucky I didn’t have two scars as it is standard to remove a sentinel node (a primary lymph node to check to see if the cancer has spread) which is done in addition to removing the cancer. Since they were so close, I only ended up with one scar!

Acupuncture_17To this day, my left breast is still a cup size larger than my right even after I saw a therapist for lymph edema. I am still massaging away and pumping my lymph nodes around my breast in hopes that someday, my left breast will be the same as my right one;-)

So when my acupuncturist asked me to model for her, I was happy to do so. She had treated me all through 4 weeks of radiation therapy and after radiation, she treated my left breast to help it heal. Being asked to model for her was a boost to my body image.

Acupuncture_16Modeling is not an easy job as I found out. It takes a lot of time to set up and I had to hold still and be patient. Not the most comfortable thing when you are face down. Normally, treatments are about 30-40 minutes once the needles are in but for the modeling gig I was on the table for a good 90 minutes once the needles were in!

Acupuncture_13It’s also a lot of talking as the photographer and my acupuncturist are trying to figure out the best angles for the shots, where to place her hands etc! Usually I get to take a nap once the needles are in. For the shoot, I did get some alone time once they finally got the shots they wanted since it was a real treatment;-)

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When I saw the pictures, it was hard to believe it was me. My back looked so professional with all those needles sticking out! This particular back treatment is one I’ve had before. It’s like a super charged emotional balancer–I highly recommend it! Check out Ahimsa Wellness for more pics and info about my acupuncturist!

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