Reflections From My Breast Cancer Retreat Part 4 of 4: Top 10 Memories 

Here are my top 10 memories of the breast cancer retreat. Many thanks to the organizers Maura and Shell for making the retreat a great experience!

Our wonderful facilitators Shell and Maura
Our wonderful facilitators Shell and Maura

Here is a fantastic video of photo memories compiled by one of the participants:

10. The amazing food and the dried mango slices always available in the dining room! I indulged every chance I could: during breaks, after meals, late night snack. I felt spoiled.

9. After we did Yoga on our last day, we were asked to throw out a word or phrase. My phrase was “saying goodbye.” Most people thought I meant saying goodbye to each other which was a part of it but, I was really saying goodbye to the tamoxifen.

8. Recognizing with delight who the movement instructor was going to be. Someone I knew from the world of Contact Improv Dancing! I felt very happy and grateful to the universe for a familiar face.

Our movement instructor Cory
Our movement instructor Cory

7. Sitting in the sauna on the first night with the participant whose vision it was to have this retreat and getting to know each other in the intimate space of this tiny outdoor sauna filled with glorious heat! Only later did we realize that the shower didn’t work!

6. Getting to know the participants during the movement segments of the retreat. A way to connect without words, just body language. I learn a lot about a person just by the way they move or are still.

5. Trips to the temple/shack. Plenty of good vibes and offerings by people before me. Most surprising was the half pack of cigarettes left behind the altar. Another kind of letting go.

4. For some reason, the gate around the Office/Yoga Room was locked on both days. On the last day, a few women got creative so we could get in–creative as in what might be considered um, “breaking and entering.”

Shells and Rocks from Commonweal Beach
Shells and Rocks from Commonweal Beach

3. Collecting sea shells and rocks on our very cold “trust walk” to the beach. The trust walk was in pairs and one person has her eyes closed and is guided by her partner. We learn about trust and surrender to what is.

2. Watching each woman rappel up the cliff side using only a rope: on an empty stomach and her determination to make it to dinner with pockets full of shells and rocks–i.e. doing it backwards!

1. Mealtime conversations and bonding with the other participants. Most fun and engaging for me was the one about online dating and how scary it is! I surprise myself at how much I am willing to reveal about my current dating situation–TMI probably but, I need all the help I can get 😉

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