Recipe for Success!

Just PassedI had my first 3 month appointment with my oncologist yesterday to be examined and to review my recent blood work. Everything looks great and my Vit D3 is at 42, they wanted me to get it to 40:):):):) I was nervous because it reminded me of all those tests and procedures I had to pass while I was living with Breast Cancer! Plus with all the recent news about how Angelina Jolie had to have more surgeries because her blood work showed less than favorable results, I was anxious. So, it’s a relief that everything looks good!

To make my experience positive regardless of the outcome, I spent the day prior to my appointment making kale chips for the office staff and my oncologist. This takes my mind off of worrying about the outcome over which I have no control. Before my appointment, I get to chat with the staff about the kale chips who are all very appreciative allowing more positive memories to be imprinted in my brain. I am laughing and feeling confident going into the exam and my system is now swimming in endorphins and other pain killers!

As a straight A student in a former life, I know preparation and attitude makes a huge difference. As a coach, I teach that we may not be able to determine the results, but we are in control of how we get to the outcome. Pass or Fail, I do everything I can beforehand: eat healthy, exercise, practice optimism and gratitude. It’s a recipe for success!!!

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  1. AnjaliDhawan says:

    This reflects the strong women within you 🙂

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    1. Thank you Anjali for your sweet compliment!

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      1. AnjaliDhawan says:

        Hi there. Letting you know I have nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award. Please check it out on my post. Thank you..

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      2. OMG–Thank you so much and what an honor! I will work on those questions, they warrant some creative thinking:)

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      3. AnjaliDhawan says:

        Glad you appreciate that 🙂

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