Psychic Julie Juice

Prep time 1 hour; makes 2 1/2 quarts

Psychic Julie Juice

I have been juicing on and off for over five years–my body doesn’t have to work so hard to get the nutrients this way. This vegan drink is a tried and true blend that I came up with after much experimentation and the combination that I like the most. A lot of recipes will use apples as the sweetener but, I find that the juice separates from the vegetables after a while. I like to use carrots, beets, and coconut juice. The coconut juice creates a very smooth and soothing taste while providing electrolytes.

I named this recipe after my sister Julie because she flew in from Ohio to take care of me for two weeks after my lumpectomy. During her stay, she helped to cook, clean, and drove us everywhere. I learned that she is incredibly intuitive–I would even say psychic!

A few nights after my surgery she told me that two years prior, she had this intuition that she would have to come take care of me for some thing serious and because no one else would be available. This is in fact what happened. The timing of my surgery coincided with my younger sister having to work in China for three weeks and my parents being abroad in Taiwan for 10 days! When she got this premonition, I was all the way in California. At the time, I was in pain because I was at the end of a toxic 2-1/2 year relationship.

Studies have found a connection between severe psychological stress/grieving and cancer showing up 18 months after. It was this very statistic I heard at a grief workshop that I decided to give myself a breast exam when I got home. And there it was, my lump. I don’t usually check myself because I have no history of breast cancer in my family. In fact only 20% of women with breast cancer have a history of it. That leaves a whopping 80% who may have been lulled into thinking this can’t happen to me which is what I had believed.

I was so lucky to have my big sister Julie looking after me! We made two large batches of juice while she stayed with me. I got her to drink some because she has high blood pressure and cholesterol. Her birthday was two days after she left to go back to Ohio so, I sent her a masticating juicer just like mine as a thank you present. She loves it and juices with her kids now as part of her routine to get healthier. She even makes extra for our mom!


masticating juicer


4 bunches dinosaur kale

one bunch celery

one bunch of red beets

12 medium-sized carrots

3 cups of unsweetened coconut water


Wash all the vegetables and cut if needed to fit into the juicer opening. Juice all the vegetables in a masticating juicer. A centrifugal juicer will work as well. Strain the juice twice using a sieve or cheese cloth. This will get out most of the dregs. Add 3 cups of coconut water to the strained juice. I drink 2-4 cups every day!

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